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When was the last time you felt really



I coach women to step into their creative power. 

I used to struggle big time with pursuing what I really wanted. It seemed either too big to accomplish (I can't do this!), required putting myself out on a bigger stage (Keep me behind the scenes please!) or it just seemed too good to be true (I couldn’t possibly get or deserve that much of what I wanted). This left me feeling restless and bored, and powerless to change. 

What I came to see was:

  • What you pay attention to drives your actions. I had been focusing so much on the fears rather than on the desires. I began to listen more intently to where "the juice" of life was for me and how to embolden myself to repeatedly walk in that direction.

  • Small steps are the magic towards progress. I always thought of things in the big picture, and if I couldn’t envision doing the whole version well, I wouldn’t start. I’ve learned to start small and celebrate my progress.

  • That voice that said “you’re not good enough” or “you can’t” was usually wrong. I’ve learned to watch my self-talk and minimize my inner critic. I began to replace those mindsets that served only to hold me in one place with ways of thinking that propelled me forward.

So I set out to help other women identify what they want, and get more connected, comfortable and committed to the reality of their dreams. I create a safe space for my clients to work out their fears and beliefs that hold them back. So women can come home to themselves and pursue what is really calling them. Our world needs more women following confidently towards their dreams.




We are meant to be wholly alive and standing in the fullness of our dreams, both scared and inspired. 


The world needs women to know their voice and to trust in their capabilities.  


When women follow their inspirations and curiosities, they heal themselves and the communities around them.


Bravery breeds bravery. Courage is a muscle to be exercised.


Sometimes a little dance party can change your perspective on things.


We all have our own unique rhythm and flow of how we work best. I work best when I'm rested, reflective and inspired.


Our inner critic is not our best friend, though we often listen to it as if it were.

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