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a girl like me

a girl like me

likes to dream big, to let her mind wander

and offer up three examples of the one thing

to explain the fullness of what my minds sees

he’s starting to get that

and i’m starting to realize how my stories take tangential twists

of what seem to crstyallize my points often lead down side streets but always back to the main boulevard

a girl like me

sometimes hides and turns down her volume

if she can’t quite articulate or explain

sometimes fearful of being not enough

and sometimes fearful of starting something big that feels too much

a girl like me

uses kinda, sorta, you know, maybe

to soften my stances, my opinions, my brilliance

(if that’s not too bold)

a girl like me prefers to be just off stage

perhaps directing the show

or influencing what’s told and said and done

but unseen, shadowed,

a girl like me used to love to be in the spotlight

to milk a story

to sing a song

to perform and be funny or to hold court

and sometimes still

a girl like me enjoys connecting with a small crowd,

spilling with laughter until tears are pouring down my face,

and eyes and smiles are sparkling and sparking,

the fun, the aliveness, the connection

where did it change for me?

preferring to stand just off stage

stepping back when i could step forward

softening my opinions or considering how they’d be held

and maybe the more important question is will i stay

in the comfort, the shadow, the dimming

where my insides feel at home

or venture into the light

where we all come alive

I coach women to step into their creative power. If you would like support to step into more visibility, more passion, more aliveness, contact me for a free introductory session.

I help you find safety in your adventures.

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