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Be Your Own Dream Incubator

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

When dealing with an area of your life you'd like to see change, do these approaches sound familiar?

  • Focus intensely on all the areas that are not working

  • Ignore all the areas of strength, talent, skill that you bring

  • Talk down to yourself or become hyper-critical of what you've done or created

  • Distract yourself or put off doing the stuff you know you need to do to get to your goal

Or is that just me?!?

We swing between no attention to, or interest in, that which we want to create. Or we hyper-focus on it, in a way that suffocates the life out of it (which then drives us to ignore it again). A vicious cycle.

How do you break that cycle and incubate your dream?


When we're stepping into a new space, we often feel like we've got to know it all already. That doesn't leave a lot of space for mistakes, for learning, for trying new things. What would happen if you brought a beginners' mindset? Get curious about how or what would create more space, energy, freedom for you? What would make it easy, fun, meaningful, powerful? What support would help you?

Compassionate attention

Offering a soft light to the dark or uncharted areas of our life can be a powerful way to move forward. It doesn't excuse away the hard steps or hide the areas you need to grow or develop. But it acknowledges both the challenging parts and the strengths you possess. The hard stuff and the ways of ease. What could bringing this mindset into your change areas open up for you?


When we talk to a little baby or a dog, we often soften our words, our face, we give affection to and dote on them ("how's my good boy?" or "What a little cutie!") What would it be like to offer this voice, this energy and this spirit to that which we're looking to grow and nurture in our own life?

I've done my share of ignoring, criticizing, distracting... and growing compassionate attention muscles. Change is possible! If you're looking for support to be a dream incubator and make changes in your life, let's connect! Schedule time with me and let's get started!

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