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You know there's something more.

You're feeling a bit bored and restless. And stuck. You've begun to hear the inner whispers of something more...A more inspired life. An adventure all your own. But you're feeling afraid, overwhelmed and a little unsure of yourself and this vision you're just starting to see. 

my programs can help.

I coach women to step into their creative power and find safety in their adventures.
I’m here to help you unlock what's holding you back. Our work together will help you:

Create: This foundational step is about creating a safe space for your vision to crystallize, breathe and grow. You will connect with what’s important to you and how you want to move this dream forward. 

Unlock:  This powerful step is about recognizing where you get stuck or lose momentum. You’ll learn to disarm your inner critic and voice of overwhelm. This is about healing and releasing beliefs that hold you back. 


Unleash: This is about expanding your voice and owning your creative power to offer your unique gifts and vision to the world. You’ll grow more at peace with yourself as you learn to take smart risks and bold steps forward. 

how we can work together
1:1 Coaching
Experience focused, compassionate attention and curiosity to unlock all that holds you back. 1:1 Coaching package options include: 3-Session QuickStart, 4-month, 6-month and 10-month. Let's connect and find what's right for you!
Connect with others and find the courage you crave to find and follow the adventures that are calling you. Each session in the 6-week circle is centered around a theme, and includes both interactive and reflective time. Contact me to learn more.
Coming Soon! Push pause on your day-to-day and join us for a time of self-discovery, connection and creativity. Tune in to what your body, mind and spirit are saying and unleash adventures that will nourish your soul. Sign up to hear about our next retreat. 
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